Minnesota’s Strategic and Affordable Housing Plans, 2016

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency developed both a 2016-2019 Strategic Plan and an Affordable Housing Plan for 2016. The Strategic Plan outlines the state's priorities, goals, measures, and operations. It's Affordable Housing Plan is the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency’s annual business plan for carrying out the Agency’s core work for the upcoming year and implementing the Strategic Plan.

Minnesota Housing Strategic Plan: The core activities outlined in Minnesota Housing's Strategic Plan include the following: Promote and Support Successful Homeownership;Finance New Affordable Rental Opportunities; Preserve the Existing Housing Stock; Provide Housing Resources to Support Community and Economic Development; Lead, Collaborate, and Take Action on Critical Housing Issues; Strengthen the Financial and Organizational Capacity of the Agency.

MN Housing outlines 5 strategic priorities, detailing strategies and actions for each priority:

  • Preserve Housing with Federal Project-Based Rental Assistance 
  • Reduce Minnesota’s Racial and Ethnicity Homeownership Disparity 
  • Prevent and End Homelessness 
  • Finance Housing Responsive to Minnesota’s Changing Demographics 
  • Address Specific and Critical Local Housing Needs 

Affordable Housing Plan: The AHP outlines key programmatic and policy initiatives for the year, specifies program-by-program funding, and establishes production targets. The 2016 plan allocates $966 million of federal, state, and Agency resources, which will assist about 65,000 households, including more than $128 million for rental production, both new construction and rehabilitation. The plan calls for the preservation of housing with Federal project-based rent assistance, investing more than $26 million to preserve existing affordable housing and creating year-round funding for preservation activities in order to “to quickly on high priority preservation projects.”

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