Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Maine, 2019

The 2019 Maine Qualified Allocation Plan provides points for projects located in areas that meet MaineHousing’s standards for high opportunity, or are in proximity to certain amenities. 

Smart Growth - Up to 10 points

The Project incorporates principles of smart growth as follows:


1. Access to Public Transportation

Access to Public Transportation (up to 4 points)

The Project is located within a Safe Walking Distance of not more than ½ mile of a designated pick-up location for existing Fixed route Public Transportation – 4 points


Demand Response Transportation is available to all of the tenants of the Project with no eligibility criteria that would limit or deny service.


2. Proximity to Activities Important to Daily Living

The Project is located within a Safe Walking Distance of not more than ½ mile of at least 3 Activities Important to Daily Living - 3 points


3. Proximity to Significant Place of Employment

The Project is located within 5 miles of a Significant Place of Employment - 3 points


High Opportunity Areas

The Project is located in a City or Town that meets MaineHousing’s standards for high opportunity. High Opportunity Areas are communities with above average access to health care, services, economic activity, and quality education.

Table of eligible cities/towns that meet MaineHousing's standards for high opportunity: 


Certified Business-Friendly Community

An Application for a Project that is located in a Certified Business-Friendly Community will be awarded one (1) point.


Community Revitalization - Up to 3 points

Two (2) points if the Project is located within the boundaries of and contributes to the revitalization goals and efforts identified in a Community Revitalization Plan.


One (1) extra point if the Project also involves the preservation of existing Affordable Housing or is located in a QCT and at least 20% of the units are market rate.


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National Housing Trust

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