Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Arizona, 2018

The 2018 Arizona QAP awards points for projects in "service enriched areas"


Maximum scores for Projects in Service Enriched Locations

·      Project is located within an Urban Area; up to 15 points are available to Projects with existing facilities in the below categories that are located within one mile or less in a straight-line radius of the Site and specifically serve the proposed resident population. Projects in Balance of State Area that is not on tribal land must be located within a two mile straight line radius of the Site and specifically serve the proposed resident population. 

  • 5 points: grocery store
  • 5 points: schools
  • 7.5 points: senior center
  • 2.5 points: VA Health Care Center; Hospital, Urgent Care Clinic or Federally Qualified Health Center
  • 2.5 points: After School Program (households with children Project only)

Distressed Communities

 One point is available to Projects located within a QCT or DDA.

Community Revitalization Plans

If Applicant desires to be considered under the State Special Project Set-Aside, Applicant must submit a copy of the concerted community revitalization plan (“CCRP”) approved by the Local Government with jurisdiction over the land on which the Project is situated, if applicable. When evaluating the CCRP, ADOH will consider the extent to which the CCRP:

1. is geographically specific and provides a clear direction for implementation;

2. includes a strategy for applying for or obtaining commitments of public and private investment in non-housing infrastructure, amenities, or services beyond the Project;

3. demonstrates the need for revitalization;

4. is providing other new benefits to the area inside the geographically specific boundaries of the area being revitalized under the CCRP (such as jobs, transportation, commercial amenities, child care centers, healthcare centers, educational facilities, and safe open spaces);

5. includes the solicitation of input from community residents and other stakeholders in the creation of the CCRP.


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