Ohio Housing Trust Fund

The Ohio Housing Trust Fund is a flexible state funding source that provides affordable housing opportunities, expands housing services, and improves housing conditions for low-income Ohioans and families. In the 2012-2013 and again in the 2014-2015 Ohio biennium budgets, the Ohio Legislature appropriated $53 million each year to the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

The Fund supports a wide range of housing activities including housing development, emergency home repair, handicapped accessibility modifications, and services related to housing and homelessness. In addition, Ohio Housing Trust Fund dollars may be used for predevelopment costs, rental assistance, housing counseling, rehabilitation, and new construction.

The Fund is targeted to low-income working Ohioans. A broad range of organizations are eligible to apply for money from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund including local governments, housing authorities, nonprofit organizations, private developers and private lenders.

Ohio Housing Trust Fund dollars are allocated based on recommendations by a 14-member advisory committee representing various sectors of the housing and lending industry and local governments.

Eligible Housing and Housing Assistance Award Recipients and Activities

The Ohio Housing Trust Fund provides funding to nonprofit organizations, public housing authorities, private developers and lenders, local governments, and consortia of eligible applicants that are interested in increasing affordable housing opportunities, expanding housing services, and improving housing conditions for low- and moderate-income residents in Ohio. Grants, loans, loan guarantees, and loan subsidies may be used for:

  • Acquiring, financing, constructing, leasing, rehabilitating, remodeling, improving and equipping publicly or privately owned housing;
  • Providing matching money for federal funds received by the state, counties, municipal corporations, and townships;
  • Providing to counties, townships, municipal corporations, and nonprofit organizations technical assistance, design and finance services, and consultation and payment of predevelopment and administrative costs related to any of the activities listed above; and
  • Providing supportive services related to housing and the homeless, including counseling.
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