New York State Energy Plan

New York's State Energy Plan includes measures to improve the efficiency of the State's affordable housing stock. 

Consistent with the desire to ensure the economic, environmental, and health benefits of clean energy are accessible to New Yorkers most in need, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), in conjunction with New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR), will focus on deploying renewable energy in and improving the energy efficiency of the State’s affordable multifamily housing stock. In addition to taking immediate steps to expand the reach of existing resources and programs targeted toward these communities, the State will work to embed systematic changes to affordable housing funding and development processes, including:

• Strengthening efficiency requirements in low-income housing tax credit allocation processes through HCR’s Unified Funding Application;

• Reconsidering the utility allowance calculation methodology;

• Developing a standardized green physical needs assessment to inform property owners of the energy saving opportunities available to them upon acquisition, refinance, or recapitalization;

• Supporting low-cost, replicable efficiency measures that can be adopted across affordable housing portfolios;

• Facilitating demonstration projects that incorporate deep energy retrofits into the renovation projects that are typically undertaken to preserve affordable housing stock at the point of refinance or recapitalization; and

• Developing financing alternatives to encourage affordable housing property owners to incorporate efficiency and renewable energy measures into the properties’ respective capital events.

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New York State Energy Plan

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