Missouri's Rental Housing Production and Preservation Program

The MHDC Rental Housing Production and Preservation Program provides funding to developers for the acquisition and rehabilitation or new construction of rental housing for low and moderate income familiar.

The MHDC funds are typically combined with Low Income Housing Tax Credits to fund affordable multifamily housing developments.

The program offers below market interest rate construction and permanent financing. Developers (for-profit and not-for-profit) are eligible to apply for financing. Applications must demonstrate prior successful housing experience and engage the services of housing professionals; such as architects, attorneys, accountants; contractors and property managers with demonstrable multifamily housing experience. Developers must have the financial capacity to successfully complete and operate the proposed housing development. Proposed housing developments must meet a demonstrated housing need; provide housing for low and moderate income persons and families; and demonstrate local suppose; and leverage MHDC funds with tax credits, other equity and/or rental assistance. In addition, all developments must be economically feasible. The availability of funds is determined annually by MHDC.

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National Housing Trust

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