Low Income Tax Credits and Supportive Housing in Arizona, 2016

Arizona’s 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan includes a set-aside category for supportive housing as well as scoring incentives.


Arizona’s Department of Housing (ADOH) sets aside housing credits for up to two projects totaling at least sixty (60) units of Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless, either:

  • Projects that have a minimum of 30 units set aside for chronically homeless individuals with a preference for veterans. Rents shall be designated at thirty percent (30%) area median income (AMI) and supported with Rental Assistance; or
  • One project with 60 units set -side for Chronically Homeless people with a preference for veterans. Rents shall be designated at 30% AMI and supported with Rental Assistance.

Projects applying for the permanent supportive housing set-aside project are expected to have a Housing First model with supportive services. Permanent supportive housing is defined as housing that centers on providing Chronically Homeless people or families with housing quickly and then providing supportive services and employment that target the specific needs of the individual. Services provided through permanent supportive housing can include, but are not limited to, health care, substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment, employment counseling, supported employment, connections with mainstream benefits like Medicaid and others.

  • 5 Points are available for Elderly Housing. An additional 15 points may be earned by providing different supportive services.
  • 5 points are available for Veteran Housing where at least 50% of the units house at least one Veteran. An additional 15 points may be earned for providing various supportive services. 
  • 5 points may be earned if at least 25% of the units will serve special populations. An additional 15 points may be earned for offering various supportive services. 
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National Housing Trust

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