Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Water Efficiency in Virginia, 2016

Virginia's 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) includes incentives for water efficiency. 

Virginia's 2016 QAP awards points for specific green design characteristics, specifically water conservation.

5 points for Sub-metered Water Expense - Every unit in the development is sub-metered (i.e. households pay the water provider directly), with equipment capturing/measuring 100% of the water used in the unit (not just hot water usage). If the locality does not allow water sub-metering, the Applicant does not qualify for these points.

2 points for WaterSense Faucets & Showerheads - Every unit in the development has bathroom(s) containing only WaterSense labeled faucets and showerheads.

5 points for Water Heater Efficiency - Every unit in the development has a hot water heater that has an energy factor greater than or equal to 67% (gas water heaters) or greater than or equal to 93% (electric water heaters); or any centralized commercial system that has an efficiency performance rating equal to or greater than 95%; or any solar thermal system that meets at least 60% of the development’s domestic hot water load.

2 points for WaterSense Toilets - If each bathroom is equipped with a WaterSense labeled toilet.



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