Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Transit/ Opportunity Housing in Montana, 2017

Montana's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points to projects that are located in close proximity to essential services or amenities.

The 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan issued by Montana's Board of Housing provides a point incentive of 100 possible points for Project Location.

An Application will be awarded points to the extent the Project is located in an area where amenities and/or essential services will be available to tenants, determined according to the following specifications. An Application will be awarded points with respect to an amenity or service as specified below, if: (i) a Project is located within 1½ miles of the specified amenity or essential service; (ii) public or contracted transportation (not including taxi or school bus service) is reasonably available to the specified amenity or service (i.e., the Project is located within ¼ mile of fixed bus stop or on a same day call basis); or (iii) where applicable, the specified amenity or service is available via a no-charge delivery service to the Project Location:

  • 20 points for grocery store (convenience store does not count); and 
  • 10 points for each of the following, up to a maximum of 80 points: 
    • One or more public schools;
    • Senior Center; 
    • Bank; 
    • Laundromat (only if washer/dryer not included in unit or onsite); 
    • Medical services appropriate and available to all prospective tenants (e.g., hospital, doctor offices, etc.); 
    • Pharmacy services appropriate and available to all prospective tenants; o Gas station and/or convenience store; 
    • Post Office; 
    • Public Park; 
    • Shopping (department, clothing or essentials – does not include convenience store); or 
    • Public Library.
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National Housing Trust

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