Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Transit in Missouri, 2018

The Missouri 2018 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) provides basis boosts to areas in difficult to devleop areas. A project in a mixed-use economic area may need to be a part of a Transit Oriented Development plan to be considered in this type of location.


Transit Oriented Development (TOD) (eligible for 30% boost in eligible basis). The following criteria will be considered in the determination of a development’s ability to meet the definition of a TOD:

a. The development must be located within 1,750 feet of a transit stop.

b. The development must include a mix of transportation choices, including biking and walking.

c. Transit service at the stop must be frequent (every 15-30 minutes).

d. The transit service must offer increased mobility choices and good transit connections.

e. The master development plan must include a balanced mix of uses, providing residents the ability to live, work, and shop in the same neighborhood.

f. The master development must include significant retail development.

g. The master development must include a mix of housing choices (rental and for-sale, affordable and market-rate).

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National Housing Trust

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