Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Tax Exempt Bonds in Ohio, 2014

Applicants seeking 4% Housing Tax Credits in Ohio must submit all items necessary to meet the threshold review requirements in the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan. Developments receiving tax-exempt bonds that finance more than 50% of the development’s total aggregate basis may apply for 4% Housing Tax Credits at any time during the year.

While an award of 4% Housing Tax Credits is not competitive, OHFA will verify that all developments have the appropriate development team in place, meet all threshold requirements, and submit to OHFA’s underwriting process. OHFA reserves the right to reject an application that fails to meet an appropriate level of quality in these areas. OHFA is the final judge of eligibility for the amount of housing tax credits awarded to all tax-exempt bond financed developments.

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National Housing Trust

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