Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Wyoming, 2017

Wyoming's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points for energy efficient and sustainable developments.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and/or Sustainability Certification (Maximum 35 points) One point will be awarded for each of the following sustainable building strategies implemented. Must be certified by project architect AND product/warranty information must be provided. 

  • Built above 100 year floodplain defined by FEMA – must provide documentation 
  • Locate trees/planting to provide shade for 50% of hardscapes – must provide specific plant information, including # of each plant to be provided. 
  • Drought resistant plants and landscaping – must provide specific species and documentation supporting drought resistance
  • Keep all exterior wood at least 12” above soil 
  • Seal external cracks, joints, etc. with caulking and install pest proof screens 
  • Include no wood to concrete connections, or separate connections with dividers 
  • Average flow rate of lavatory faucets is < 2.00 gpm 
  • Average flow rate for all showers is <2.00 gpm per stall
  • Average flow rate for all toilets is <1.30 gpf
  • Toilets are dual flush or toilets meet the EPA water sense specification
  • Investigate local options for waste diversion and document diversion rate for construction waste 
  • No unvented combustion appliances 
  • Carbon monoxide monitors in each unit 
  • Space water heating equipment designed with closed combustion or space and water heating equipment has power vented exhaust or space and water heating equipment located in detached or open air facility 
  • Active fan radon venting system 
  • Intermittent or Passive ventilation
  • Install heat recovery system 
  • Energy Star labeled bathroom exhaust fans 
  • Permanent walk-off mats at each entry 
  • Insulation meets R-value requirements of IECC – must provide exact R value 
  • Insulation meets HERS Grade II specifications 
  • Insulation exceeds R-value requirements of IECC by 5% – must provide exact R value 
  • Insulation meets HERS Grade I specifications 
  • At least R-6 insulation around ducts in unconditioned spaces – must provide exact R value 
  • At least R-3 insulation around pipes in unconditioned spaces – must provide exact R value 
  • Design and size HVAC equipment using ACCA Manual J or equivalent 
  • Install Energy Star programmable thermostat 
  • Energy Star lighting throughout the project 
  • Motion controlled exterior lighting 
  • Energy Star Refrigerator, dishwasher, ceiling fans (if applicable) and washer and dryer (if applicable) 
  • Low VOC paints, stains, finishes adhesives and sealants and carpet 
  • Formaldehyde free shelves, cabinets, countertops and insulation

Projects with EnergyStar Appliances may earn 1 point for unit amenities under the “Project Design” category.

HERS Rating 

Up to 5 points will be awarded if the developer commits to obtaining an Energy Star Certification from a HERS rater for every unit.

Sustainable Development

A project may receive up to 35 points for being within a proximity of 2 miles (1 mile for elderly) of appropriate services needed by the residents occupying the units (must list services and distance from project to be eligible to receive points). 

Contributed By: 
National Housing Trust

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