Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Ohio, 2016-17

Ohio's 2016-17 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) includes green building threshold criteria and point incentives for sustainable development.


Ohio’s 2016-17 QAP requires that all projects meet the 2015 Enterprise Green Community Criteria.

Applicants may substitute Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council or ICC 700 National Green Building Standards (NGBS) by Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly the NAHB Research Center) to meet this requirement.

Applicants who will meet and certify through Enterprise Green Communities and earn points for project data collection and monitoring (see criteria 8.6 of the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria) using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager must allow OHFA full access to this data for a minimum of five years.

Applicants who will use a comparable third party system to measure and maintain energy consumption data must also share information with OHFA in a manner that allows the Agency access to key metrics and the ability to compare the energy performance of applicable buildings to other developments.

If awarded an allocation of housing tax credits, developments seeking Enterprise Green Communities certification must enroll the development for prebuild approval in the Enterprise Green Communities portal prior to final application and submit prebuild approval with final application. Enterprise Green Communities require 30 days to review and approve projects.

Sustainable Development

Developments in all pools may earn three points for investment or reinvestment activities implemented within a two mile radius of the proposed development. Eligibility is limited to proposals showing a clear and proximate link to the following:

  • Investments resulting in neighborhood or community improvements of at least $250,000 to support housing development, economic development or provide services to local residents and completed between 2005 and 2015.

Applicants to the Family, Senior, and Single Family Infill Development pools may earn five points for local development priority.

The cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus may select up to three priority designations. Akron, Dayton and Toledo may select two designations. All other local municipalities (including cities, townships and other governing bodies) may select up to one priority designation.

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