Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Sustainable Development in Louisiana, 2016

Louisiana's 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) awards points for energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Green Development

Louisiana’s 2016 QAP awards 5 points for a building that meets one of the following criteria:

  1. LEED Criteria
  2. Green Communities Criteria
  3. National Green Building Standard ICC 700 Criteria

Projects are required to meet various minimum energy efficiency requirements for HVAC, appliances, windows, and insulation.

Federally funded rehabs will be allowed a waiver of the minimum threshold requirements on rehabilitation projects only if federal funding agency submits a letter with the application authorizing the specific waiver(s) and concurring with the submitted request.

Rehabilitation Projects are not required to adhere to the minimum Energy Efficiency requirements unless:

  1. The Capital Needs Assessment requires replacement of the item;
  2. The applicant chooses to replace an item; or
  3. The Corporation’s designated architect, in consultation with the Corporation’s contracted underwriter, determines that an early replacement of an item with a more energy efficient system substantially improves the quality of life for residents with substantial benefits attributable to reduce deposits to reserves for replacement and/or reductions in operating expenses.
  4. All new construction projects must implement LHC’s Universal and Minimum Design Standards to ensure energy-efficient design and construction practices are utilized. Rehabilitation projects are encouraged to incorporate LHC’s Universal Design standards when it is feasible.

All residential building envelope designs shall exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the LSUCC, 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the prescriptive requirements of Energy Star Qualified Homes (IECC) and the prescriptive requirements of Energy Star Qualified Homes Version 3.

All rehabilitated single family structures are encouraged to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling. An energy audit is encouraged; however, prescriptive methods may be utilized to achieve base efficiency ratings.

Sustainable Development

Louisiana’s 2016 QAP awards points for proximity to community amenities. 1 Point is awarded for services located within one mile of the site. Applicant should ensure that the service is suitable for the targeted population. One Half (0.5) points will be awarded for any service listed that is located over 1 mile but is within 2 miles.

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