Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Seniors in Maryland, 2016

In the 2016 Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide, Maryland's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) defines an Elderly Household as one in which at least one household member is age sixty-two (62) or over. These definitions apply to all projects applying for LIHTC, RHFP, RHW, or MBP financing as Elderly Housing.

Maryland’s 2016 Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide states any application for funding that reserves units for the elderly must meet DHCD’s definition of elderly housing or must request a waiver. DHCD defines Elderly Housing as any project that proposes to restrict occupancy to one or more of the units in the project based on age.

Elderly occupancy projects must deliver or coordinate services that stabilize occupancy by improving residents' abilities to uphold their lease obligations throughout the aging process and enhance quality of life through improved access to or information concerning services and benefits, health promotion, community building, and socialization;

Maryland DHCD’s 2016 Multifamily Rental Financing Program Guide indicates up to 12 points can be awarded for Defined Planning Areas, including 4 points for Elderly Housing project in Communities of Opportunity.

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