Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Seniors in Louisiana, 2017

The 2017 Louisiana Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) lists requirements for senior projects and incentivizes projects with units completely dedicated to elderly tenants.

Senior Incentives

1. 6 points are awarded if 100% of project units are designated for elderly households

2. Louisiana’s QAP also stipulates the following requirements for senior projects:

  • (i) Description of Supportive Services tailored to each Special Needs Household (See Supportive Services Definitions)
  • (ii) Cost per annum of Supportive Services per Special Needs Household or written commitment from governmental or non-profit agency that Supportive Services will be provided to Project without cost
  • (iii) Experience of Taxpayer/Owner in developing Projects servicing Special Needs Households
  • (iv) Units for Elderly Residents: All units for elderly residents shall be located at the grade level or on an elevator accessible floor.
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