Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Rural Housing in Wyoming, 2017

Wyoming's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) has a $1.5 million set aside for rural developments.

Small Rural Project Set-aside Small projects in rural areas are extremely difficult to develop. As such, a set-aside of $1.5 million has been created for small rural projects allowing these projects to compete on a more even level. 

In order to qualify for the Small Rural Project Set-aside the following criteria applies: 

  • The project must be in a small community with a population under 15,000 and no communities with a population over 15,000 are within 20 miles of the project. 
  • The project must have 24 or fewer units 
  • The project must not be done in conjunction with a separate project in the same locale. 

Due to the fact that Market Rents are typically lower than Tax Credit Rents in Rural areas, projects may have a 10% variance in Income and Rent levels when qualifying for the Small Rural Project Set-aside.

Contributed By: 
National Housing Trust

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