Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Rural Housing in Indiana, 2012-2013

Indiana's 2012-2013 Qualified Allocation Plan sets-aside 10% of the state’s competitive 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit allocation to developments in rural areas.

Indiana’s 2012-2013 QAP has a 10% set-aside for developments located in rural areas. This includes projects that are located within the city limits of a City or a Town with a population of 14,999 or less; projects located in an unincorporated area of a county that does not contain a City or a Town that meets the definition of Large City or Small City, as set forth in the QAP; or the project is located outside the 2-mile jurisdiction of either a Large City or Small City or does not have access to public water or public sewer from either the Large City or Small City. Indiana also provides up to 5 points for counties whose total tax credit allocation is below 1.5% of the state’s total allocation. Projects receive points based on the county’s percentage of total state population.
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National Housing Trust

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