Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Preservation in Wyoming, 2014

Wyoming’s 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan does not have a provision regarding the preservation of existing affordable housing.

In Wyoming's 2014 QAP, rehabilitation properties must have a minimum expenditure of $30,000 of actual rehabilitation hard costs per apartment in Life, Safety, Health, or Code Requirements which includes required major systems repairs or replacements of electrical, heating, roofing, foundation/structural, major energy upgrades. No more than 30% of rehabilitation costs can go for required General Property Improvements, (non-Life, Safety, Health, or Code Requirements). 

Extended Use: Wyoming’s 2014 QAP awards up to 35 points for extended low-income use depending on the contract extension.  Projects that commit to 35 additional years will earn the full points.

Wyoming’s 2014 QAP has a total costs tiebreaker where 40 points are available for both new construction and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation projects will receive up to 40 points for amenities and/or cost-effective upgrades incorporated into the rehabilitation.

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National Housing Trust

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