Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Ohio, 2014

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency's 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan includes points are awarded for new units located, among other location based characteristics, in high income census tracts, in areas that are also part of a revitalization plan or within one-half mile of significant economic investment of at least $10 million that will be completed between 2012-2016.

OHFA awards points to proposed developments that are nearby land uses that are positive for the residents. OHFA specifies approved positive land uses in a chart in their QAP that includes retail, services and community facilities. Points are awarded based on the number of positive land uses and distance to those positive land uses (criteria varies based on urban, suburban or rural development). Applicants reference the How-To Guide for Calculating Proximity to Positive Land Uses. OHFA also awards points to development where there are no detrimental land uses adjacent to the site.

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National Housing Trust

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