Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in New York City, 2017

New York City's 2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) gives competitive scoring opportunities for projects located in Opportunity Area's as defined in the QAP.

The 2017 QAP for the city of New York comprises of the five counties of New York, Kings, Queens, the Bronx and Richmond. However, selection criteria will target neighborhoods with the greatest need or ability to provide residents with significant opportunities for better education, access to jobs and quality of life.

High-Opportunity Neighborhoods - Projects that increase housing opportunities to low income households. Projects located in any of the following areas will receive points: high performing schools, low crime, or less than 10% poverty. (3 points)

Distressed Communities

Households with Children - Projects where at least 30% of the low income units are two bedrooms or larger. (3 points)

Targeted Areas - Scored on whether the project is located in a geographic area defined by HPD as an area of special need or where HPD determines the project will have a strong impact in that it will encourage further development or redevelopment in, neighborhoods with the greatest need. Projects located in a qualified census tract will receive bonus points. (6 points)

Difficult to Develop Projects Acquired from the City - Projects that are acquired from the City, or from an entity which had acquired the property from the Commissioner of Finance pursuant to an In-Rem foreclosure and are either: a) financed through the City of New York's Neighborhood Construction Program (NCP) or are especially difficult to develop because of size, possibility that remediation will be needed, unusual physical shape or characteristics or other special circumstances. (3 points)

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National Housing Trust

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