Low Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Louisiana, 2016

Louisiana’s 2016 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) offers points for “de-concentration projects”, as well as proximity to high performing schools.

Up to 22 points are awarded to “de-concentration projects”:

(i) Project Diversity - Percentage of Low Income Units in Project does not exceed:

  1. 60% of the Total Project units – 4 points
  2. 50% of the Total Project units – 8 points
  3. 40% of the Total Project units – 10 points

(ii) Geographic Diversity: Project is located in census tract in which the median income of the census tract exceeds one of the following as determined by https://www.ffiec.gov/:

  1. 120% of the area median income for the MSA – 10 points
  2. 150% of the area median income for the MSA – 12 points

1 point for being within a mile of an elementary school receiving a grade of “B” or better by the Louisiana Department of Education

The Louisiana QAP’s second tiebreaker is awarded to projects which promote geographic diversity by being located in a census tract with high area median incomes.

A balanced approach to fair housing provides geographically diverse affordable housing without abandoning investments in historically distressed, minority populated communities. To see how Louisiana provides incentives for investing in distressed communities, please click here.

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National Housing Trust

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