Low-Income Housing Tax Credits & Opportunity Housing in Colorado, 2018

The 2018 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) for Colorado includes point incentives for affordable housing in areas of opportunity.

Mixed-Income Projects – 10 points

Project that provides housing for mixed income (i.e., that have no more than 80 percent tax credit-eligible units) are eligible for an additional 10 points. This includes projects financed with private activity bonds. CHFA requires that subject to the Code’s “available unit rule” requirements, low-income setaside units be distributed proportionately throughout the bedroom/bath mix and type. Both market-rate and low-income units must have the same design regarding unit amenities and square footage. (See Section 3.A.15.)

Site Suitability - Sites will be evaluated on the following: proximity to schools, shopping, public transportation, medical services, parks/playgrounds; marketability; conformance with neighborhood character and land use patterns; site suitability regarding slope, noise (e.g., railroad tracks, freeways), environmental hazards, flood plain, or wetland issues. CHFA Allocation staff may contact local officials to get input on the support for the project.

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National Housing Trust

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