Low-Income Housing Tax Credit & Supportive Housing in Nebraska, 2015

Nebraska’s 2015 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) offers supportive housing projects an advantage within the CRANE set-aside as well as potential competitive scoring advantages.


Nebraska's 2015 QAP will set-aside up to 33% of Nebraska’s annual Housing Credit authority for the Collaborative Resources Allocation for Nebraska (CRANE) program, which provides targeted resources to eligible applicants (communities, for profits and non-profits which have joined together) who are able to demonstrate that, through a public process, they have assessed the needs of their particular community with respect to economic development, housing development, community development, special needs populations (i.e., people with mental or physical disabilities) and have identified specific solutions to address those needs.

Eligible projects include housing for individuals with special needs (such as physical or mental disabilities, substance use disorder issues, homeless, or those experiencing severe economic distress), including housing for distressed populations with incomes below 30% of the applicable Area Median Income (AMI). Housing for adults with serious mental illness or physical disabilities shall have a priority within each category described below. Senior housing is considered special needs housing ONLY if the development serves households with incomes below 30% of the applicable AMI. At least 25% of the units must serve individuals with special needs.

All CRANE applications will be scored and compete against other CRANE applications, with a maximum of 33% of Nebraska’s annual Housing Credit allocation for any single development in the CRANE set-aside.

Scoring Incentives

Nebraska's 2015 QAP awards 5 points for targeting a minimum of 20% of the units at persons with special needs. QAP awards 1 point if the developer owner has entered into an agreement with a local supportive service provider and/or a Medicaid-enrolled provider authorized through the Nebraska Health and Human Services as a regional network provider that offers services to persons with physical or mental disabilities.

Other Policies

The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) may increase or “boost” the eligible basis by up to 30% for CRANE applicants with an average combined gross rent amount that would be affordable to households with an income less than 45% of the county’s Area Median Income (AMI).

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