Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund was established by the Kentucky State Legislature in 1992 to provide housing for very low-income individuals and families. 

The fund is administered by the Kentucky Housing Corporation and is funded through the general fund and document recording fees. The fund provides matching funds for non-KHC federal housing dollars requiring a state or local match, acquisition, rehabilitation and/or new construction of very low-income housing units, matching funds for technical assistance directly related to creating a housing project, and administrative costs for eligible applicants (up to 5 percent of each project).

Since 1994, AHTF has leveraged more than $1 billion in other funds, loaned over $20 million, and granted over $70 million to create more than 10,000 units of affordable housing, including 3,917 rental units and 6,554 single-family homes. More than half of AHTC dollars go toward housing for families who earn less than 30% of the area median income.

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National Housing Trust

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