Iowa State Housing Trust Fund

The Iowa State Housing Trust Fund (SHTF), run by the Iowa Finance Authority, helps develop and preserve affordable housing for low-income households. 

The SHTF operates through two programs:

  • The Local Housing Trust Fund Program (LHTF) receives at least 60% of the annual SHTF allocation.
  • Project-Based Housing Program: The remaining funding from the SHTF allocation goes toward the Project-Based Housing program which aids in the development of affordable single-family and multifamily housing.

The State Housing Trust Fund was created by the Iowa Legislature in 2003. Since its inception, the program has provided $56.4 million in affordable housing assistance that has benefited more than 20,300 Iowa families. This funding has leveraged another $153.2 million in other funds or $2.44 for every dollar of State Housing Trust Fund investment. 

For FY2015, $7.9 million is available for the Local Housing Trust Fund and $500,000 is available for the Project-Based Housing Program.

In December 2016, the Iowa Finance Authority approved $6.2 million for the Local Housing Trust Fund, distributed to 25 local housing trust funds throughout Iowa. These grants leverage an additionl $2.8 million in local contributions. 

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