Interest on Real Estate Brokers Trust Account (IOREBTA) Program

The Interest on Real Estate Brokers Trust Account Program was established to provide housing subsidies such as downpayment assistance and development of affordable housing projects.

The program was established with the purpose of providing mortgage assistance for low- or moderate-income families or persons with downpayments or any other appropriate housing subsidies. Under the Program, real estate brokers deposit residential and commercial escrow funds into interest-bearing accounts, specifically, for the IOREBTA Program. Since its inception, the IOREBTA Program has realized $8,952,567 in interest on the escrow accounts of 1,127 participating brokers. IOREBTA funds have supported appraisal gap financing for first-time homebuyers, supported the development of affordable housing projects, counseling for low- and moderate-income homebuyers, second mortgage downpayment assistance when the State’s Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) was suspended, and the purchase of mortgages from Connecticut Chapters of Habitat for Humanity.

Contributed By: 
National Housing Trust

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